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Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Owner Forms/Applications


Owners are required to file Rental Application form 30 days prior to occupancy and obtain Board approval.

Renters must comply with all Association rules, regulations and use restrictions to maintain Auburn Lakes quality living standard and respect for all owners.

Please be aware that Renters are not permitted to have pets before contemplating a rental event.

Rental Application


Owners are required to file Sales Application form 30 days prior to closing and seek Board approval.

Board knowledge of unit sales and new residents is key for Association management and providing a welcoming social environment.

Sales Application


Owners are required to file a Guest Registration Form for family or friends using their unit for less than one month when residents are not there.

This form is to ensure that guests have understanding of condominium rules and regulations.

Guest Registration Form


Owners are required to file a Car Information Form if a car is left at Auburn Lakes Condominiums when the unit owner is not present.

Any owner present when a car is Auburn Lakes Condominiums does not need to complete the form since they are available to move their car.

Car Identification Form


Maintenance Request Form and contact information for Keys-Caldwell Management company.

Maintenance Request


Special Events usage of clubhouse requires Board approval. Please complete below form. Clubhouse usage policies and regulations are located on the Rules and Regulation website page.

Clubhouse Reservation Form