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Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Important Rules Summary


Community living is different than owning a private home. Auburn Lakes condo owners share common facilities including the grounds, roadways, trash facilities etc.

Ensuring the safety and well being of Association owners and their guests is of utmost important to the Board of Directors.

The Auburn Lakes Board of Directors have generated the following rules summary that requires compliance by owners, guests and renters. These rules and regulations exist for the safety of our residents. Remember, this is a community living environment and we must be courteous and considerate of our neighbors.

This summary is not an all-inclusive list of rules and regulations. A complete set of rules can be viewed at this link.



- Pets are limited to 2 in total, and each must be no more than 20 pounds when fully grown. Please consider the weight limitation when purchasing a puppy. Small dogs can grow into large dogs and violate Association policy depending on the breed.

- The following Dog Guide link provides a comprehensive listing of dog breeds under 20 pounds. Please check carefully. If you are introducing a dog breed into the complex that is not on this Dog Guide list, then there is a strong probability that Association rules will be violated.

Trash Disposal

- Trash and recycling facilities are located at the west and east ends of the complex. We share common facilities.

- Crush all cardboard and place between the recycle bins

- Pizza boxes are garbage and not recycling. Please place pizza boxes in the dumpsters.

- During any unit remodeling or repairs, all contractors are to take the debris with them and not place in the dumpsters. There is insufficient dumpster capacity to handle contractor debris.

Internal Roadway Usage

- Our speed limit is clearly marked as 10 mph for the safe passage of all residents. Cars and people must share the same space. Please obey the 10mph speed limit in our complex.

- A typical 6 cylinder car with automatic transmission will cruise at approximately 5-10 mph when placed in Drive without pressing the accelerator. If you are driving with your foot on the accelerator within the complex, then it is easy to violate the 10 mph speed limit.

Pool and Spa Usage

- Obey all pool rules – these are listed on the Auburn Lakes web-site at this link.

- Please understand that there are significant costs if the County Health Inspector closes the pool for non compliance to rules.

Respecting Common Areas

- Common areas are not to be changed without permission. This includes the stone and mulch ground cover located throughout the complex.

- Allowed and forbidden plant types are listed in the Landscaping and Property Maintenance section of the web-site.

- The Fox Tail Palms located in the outside parking areas between carports are NOT to have the dying branches pulled off. These branches must fall off naturally. If branches are pulled off, the exposed areas are raw and subject to insect infiltration which will kill the palm.

- Car port bug lights can be installed at owner discretion. You may purchase and give to Howard in Unit #2201 for installation.

Second Floor Owner Rules

- Second floor owners must complete an architectural request form for any interior flooring changes to comply with noise insulation requirements.

- Second floor residents should not have any planters, etc. on the middle landing ½ way up the stairs.


- Owners are responsible for the actions of their guests and must ensure that their guests understand and follow all Association rules.

- If guests are staying within a condo unit without the owner's presence, then notification must be provided to Keys Caldwell management group. The guest form can be found here.