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Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Recommended Best Practices For Condo Unit Owners


Owning a condominium in Florida may be different that owning a stand alone house. Condominium living is community based with common grounds. Respect for fellow neighbors is key when using common grounds including the roadways, the club house, pool facilities and waste disposal areas.

When sharing condomium units within a larger physical building, other considerations are important. Water management in 2nd floor units is an important issue for owners directly below, as an example. Ensuring smooth access and safe passage to 2nd floor stairways is another example. Lanai noise is also another consideration.

The Board of Directors have decided to add a new website link entitled, "Recommended Best Practices for Condo Unit Owners." At this link, the Board will publish best practice information concerning safe and problem free usage of individual condo units and the common grounds. New condominium owners may find this information useful for quickly adapting to community living and common infrastructure.



- Preventing Sewer Line Backups - An informational bulletin from Venice, Florida Utility Department


Trash and Dumpster Management

- Auburn Lakes dumpsters are emptied on Tuesdays and Fridays

- All non recyled trash must fit into the dumpster. Don't leave furniture, mattresses etc in the dumpster area!

- Recycling pickup occurs on Thursdays. During off season, some recycling containers are turned around and not used to save costs.


Individual Unit External Door Keys Management

- The Auburn Lakes Board requires a spare set of unit keys to be on file at the Clubhouse.

- Spare keys are for emergency purposes only and also for your protection in the event of lost unit keys.

- If changing locks on external unit doors, then a new key must be provided to the Board immediately.

- Barb Shepler current manages all spare keys for the Board.


Driving Inside Auburn Lakes Complex - 10 mph Speed Limit

- 10 mph Roadway Signs - A reminder of the 10 mph Auburn Lakes speed limit

- Make the mental shift from roadway driving (35-45 mph) to Auburn Lakes complex driving (10 mph) when entering or leaving the complex.

- Slow is beautiful while fast is dangerous!

- Cars with V6 engines and automatic transmission will travel at 5-10 mph without pressing the gas pedal once placed in Drive mode. Drivers who are pressing the gas pedal, inside Auburn Lakes complex, are most likely speeding!

- Injuring a resident or suffering a car crash is not worth the 15-30 seconds saved by speeding through the complex.

- Once the 10 mph speed limit is adhered too, we will become accustomed to cars moving through the complex at a consistent speed; the 10 mph speed limit. Those who violate will be obvious to all owners and residents. Don't be noticed for speeding through our complex.

- Please inform guests and renters of the mandatory 10 mph speed limit.

- The Board will continue to pressure contractors who do not observe internal 10 mph speed limit to become compliant.


Do Not Feed the Wildlife

- A reminder to all residents, please do not feed the wildlife.

- Here are some Florida administrative codes dealing with the feeding of birds and other wildlife:

1. 68A-4.001(6) - Intentional feeding of Sandhill cranes prohibited

2. 68A-27.003(1)(f) - Feeding of federally endangered and threatened species prohibited, to include wood storks, among others listed.

3. 68A-27.003(2)(e) - Feeding of state-designated threatened species prohibited, as listed.

4. 68A-25.001- Feeding of Alligators is PROHIBITED

5. 68A-4.001(3) - Placing or allowing placement/offering food or garbage in such a manner that attracts racoons, coyotes, or foxes and in a manner that is likely to create or creates a public nuisance is prohibited.