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Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Checklist - Closing Condo During Summer Months

By Phyllis Pfalzgraf


The following list is designed to assist you in preparing to close your Auburn Lakes condo for the summer season. Some recommendations may apply to your situation, others may not. Use this list as a guide to check off those tasks of greatest concern to you.

Air conditioning

  • Set at 80 degrees. If you have a humidty thermostat, set it at 55%.

Cable and Phone Service

  • Personal cable services can be put on vacation durng summer month.. Comcast is very familiar with this.
  • Phone service is needed if you have an alarm system.


  • Boxed food should not be left in cupboards or the pantry (this encourages critters). Only food in bottles and cans are safe to leave.
  • A few dried bay leaves on the shelves and an ant and roach trap can be helpful.

Power and Circult Breakers

  • Batteries could be removed from remotes because they can corrode and ruin the remote.
  • It is helpful to unscrew cable connections and unplug small appliances.
  • Turn circuit breakers off. Be sure NOT to shutdown circuit breaker to air conditioner, refrigerator or outdoor security lights. The latter is owner responsibility to the Auburn Lakes association.

Main Water

  • Main water switch SHOULD be turned off (it's above the hot water tank).


  • All drains should be covered (critters again).
  • A little Clorox could be placed in toilet bowl and then covered with plastic wrap with lid down.
  • An ant and roach trap under sinks can be helpful.

General recommendations

  • All drawers and doors could be left ajar for air circulation.
  • Pillows could be removed from couches and chairs and beds left unmade to avoid hot spots.
  • Condos could be checked periodically during the summer to avoid problems.