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Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Landscaping/Ground Maintenance

Keep in mind, plants in Florida grow 12 months. Plants that need constant pruning increase our landscaping costs. That cute flower in a 6 in pot at Lowes could become a tree in a few months.

Suggested plants for Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Crown of Thorns
Croton Gold Dust
Dwarf Bougainvillea
Dwarf Firebush
Dwarf Podocarpus
Indian Hawthorne
Ixora Maui and Dwarf
Natal Palm

Plants Not Permitted for Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Plants on stairs
Fruit trees
Large Bougainvillea


Proactive Tree Cutting/Replanting

The Auburn Lakes Board will be undertaking tree cutting and replanting to ensure that oversized trees and their root systems do not impact building foundations and their integrity. Following are tree cutting locations and the replacement tree type. Work should be completed by early February 2017.

A. Building 700 - Left side oak replacement with Ligustrum

B. Buildings 1100 & 1300 - The oak between buildings to be replaced with Ligustrum

C. Buildings 1400 & 1600 - The oak between buildings to be replaced with Black Olive

D. Building 1500 - The oak roots and back side will be trimmed.