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Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Pool and Spa Specific Rules

The Clubhouse pool and spa are common use areas therefore respect for other residents and the facilities is critical for the well being of our community.

The Auburn Lakes Board of Directors require that all owners and their guests comply with pool and spa specific rules.

Guests of condo unit owners must be fully advised as to the pool and spa specific rules and penality risks for non compliance.


Pool Hours are 8:00am to Dusk

Fundamental Pool Rules Requiring Compliance

1. No food or beverages of any kind are allowed in the fenced in pool area....this means alcohol also! Drinking water in plastic cup is allowed.

2. No glass bottles are allowed in the fenced in pool area.

3. No animals are allowed in the fenced in pool area.

4. No babies or toddlers with diapers are allowed in the pool.

5. As a courtesy, please shower before entering the pool.


Fundamental Spa Rules Requiring Compliance

1. Maximum water temperature of 104º F.

2. Children under twelve year of age must have adult supervision.

3. Pregnant women, small children, people with health problems and people using alcohol, narcotics or other drugs that cause drowsiness should not use spa pools without first consulting a doctor.

4. Maximum use is 15 minutes for your safety and to allow other residents and guest an opportunity to use the facility.


What happens if Auburn Lake Association owners or their guests do not comply with rules?

------> Violations that are captured by county inspectors will result in the closure of the pool facility. Inspection fees will be levied against the Association for reinspection of the pool facility before being allowed to open.

------> Owner/guest violations will result in warning letter followed by removal of privileges to common area facility for recurring violations. For chronic non compliance, the Association can institute fines of up to $100 per day, with maximum of $1,000 for each violation, for recurring violations.

------> Please make sure your guests know the rules and are in compliance!


Cold Weather Pool and Spa Operating Temperatures

Questions are often raised about pool and spa operating temperatures during cold weather.

Since we do not have a well, once the supply water cools down in cold weather, the pool heater is unable to generate 85 degree water out of cold water. If the pool temp is below 85 and the blue motor is running and it is cold outside, there is probably nothing wrong.

The spa will also struggle to stay at 100 degrees when it gets cold for the same reason the pool can’t maintain 85 degrees.

Heaters are designed for a certain average temperature differential. When that temperature differential grows too large (due to cold weather) the set temperature cannot be maintained. This will fix itself as the ambient temperature rises.


For Reference: Sarasota County Rules and Regulations for Condo Association Pools

Rules and regulations for bathers shall be posted in minimum 1 inch letters which must be legible from the pool deck, and shall contain the following:

1. No food or beverages in pool or on pool wet deck.
2. No glass or animals in the fenced pool area (or 50 feet from unfenced pool).
3. Bathing load: ___ persons.
4. Pool hours: __ a.m. to __ p.m.
5. Shower before entering.

Pools of 200 square feet in area or greater without an approved diving well configuration shall have “NO DIVING”, in four inch letters included with the above listed pool rules.

For pools constructed or modified after 5/2009, the pool sign shall also include:
1. Do not swallow the pool water, it is recirculated.
2. Do not use pool if you are ill with diarrhea.

In addition to the above requirements, if you have a spa, the pool signs shall also include the following:

1. Maximum water temperature 104º F.
2. Children under twelve must have adult supervision.
3. Pregnant women, small children, people with health problems and people using alcohol, narcotics or other drugs that cause drowsiness should not use spa pools without first consulting a doctor.
4. Maximum use 15 minutes.

Below are additional items from Chapter 64E-9 that apply to the Association’s pool area:

1. Safety Equipment – All swimming pools shall be provided with a shepherd’s hook securely attached to a one piece pole not less than 16 feet in length, and at least one 18 inch diameter lifesaving ring with sufficient rope attached to reach all parts of the pool from the pool deck. Safety equipment shall be mounted in a conspicuous place and be readily available for use. Pools greater than 50 feet in length shall have multiple units with at least one shepherd’ s hook and one lifesaving ring located along each of the longer sides of the pools. Spa pools under 200 square feet of surface area, and interactive water features or wading pools with two feet or less of water depth are exempt from this requirement.

2. Safety Lines – All pools with a slope transition shall have a safety line as required by sub-subparagraph 64E-9.006(1)(c)2.b., F.A.C. The safety line shall be in place at all times unless a lifeguard or instructor is present.

3. Pool covers and solar blankets shall only be used during times when the pool is closed. Unless the pool cover or solar blanket is secured around the entire perimeter and is designed to support a live load of an adult person, the pool area shall be inaccessible to unauthorized individuals during times of cover or blanket use.

4. Night swimming – Pools shall not be open for swimming at night unless the requirements for lighting as specified in paragraph 64E-9.006(2)(c), F.A.C., are met. Night swimming shall be considered one half hour before sunset to one half hour after sunrise.

5. Food and beverages are prohibited in the pool and on the pool wet deck area; animals and glass containers are prohibited within the fenced pool area, or 50 feet from pool edge when no fence exists.