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Auburn Lakes Condominium Association

Allowed Rental Units and Status



In 2008, the owners of Auburn Lakes voted to approve an amendment to the Associations Declaration. One of the items that was approved was setting the maximum number of unit rentals, including both annual and seasonal rentals, at 12 units. The referenced amendment is available for viewing at this link or by visiting the Association Documents page on our website.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to maintain accurate records to insure that no more than 12 units are rented at any one time. For this to be accomplished, any owner that is planning on renting their unit must submit an application for Board review and approval. The application must be received by the Board at least 30 days prior to the planned occupancy date. Owners who are currently renting their units must have an approved and current application on file.

Owners who have a unit rented without a current, approved application cannot be included in the Association’s count of rented units and if the maximum of 12 rentals is met, any units being rented without an application or having an application submitted after the fact, must be disapproved and the occupant(s) of the unit must vacate the premises immediately. It is in the best interest of owners and their renters that Board approved applications are timely and on file.


Auburn Lakes Condo Association Rental Status

AUB Rental Status Map - Updated December 2017


AUB Rental Unit Details - Updated December 2017

#203 through 7/31/2018
#302 through 4/30/2018
#503 month-to-month
#1204 through 6/10/2018
#1302 through 1/31/2021
#1403 through 5/30/2018
#1604 through 9/30/2017 (Under review for new application)
#1803 through 3/31/2018


Auburn Lakes Condo Association Rental Application

Owners are required to file Rental Application at least 30 days prior to occupancy and obtain Board approval. If you have intent to rent, then please file the application early before active solicitation of renters.

Rental Application

Renters must comply with all Association rules, regulations and use restrictions to maintain Auburn Lakes quality living standard and respect for all owners. Please be aware that Renters are not permitted to have pets before contemplating a rental event.